Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Reservations Secured

Yes, that's right!  I just made our reservations for Valentine's Day at White Castle.  Chase and I are continuing our cute tradition of having low key, or "Ghetto" Valentine's Day.  We came upon this after a disastrous attempt at romance, presents, and a fancy dinner for our first Valentine's Day...we ended up at Pizza Hut after lost reservations.

I think this year will be the best ever!  Don't worry, I'll take photos as we celebrate our 5th Valentine's Day together.  But for now, here's our Valentine's Day Dinner history.

2006 - Pizza Hut, Decatur
2007 - Standees Diner, Edgewater, Chicago
2008 - KFC/Pizza Hut, South Loop, Chicago
2009 - Amtrak Train #350, Somewhere between Chicago and Battle Creek.

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  1. I spent Valentine's day 2005 at Pizza Hut in Decatur! Good times. :)

    Ryan and I are spending our wine gift certificate and staying home, as we are cheap and not into crowds.


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