Friday, July 11, 2014

Flashback Friday: A Beauty Blog I Love

Happy Friday.  Here's a beauty blog I wrote a few years ago for Chatting with Patrick and still love.  I'm obsessed with historical dramas and fiction, so naturally Marie Antoinette would be one of my beauty icons.  Want to learn more about her?  Read Antiona Fraser's book (after you read this blog of course!)

Femme fatale of the 1700s, Marie Antoinette was renowned for her fabulous style and trend setting beauty. She picked fashions for the day with a pin in a special book and changed the trends in France forever...what better inspiration for a real life beauty look.  You can copy the bright pastel trends of the Sophia Coppola movie staring Kirsten Dunst, but if you're looking for something more down to earth, everyday attainable, try these ideas:
  • Jazz up your beauty space by converting vintage looking frames into gorgeous counter top trays and stack your beauty essentials there to start your day on a glamorous note.
  • Create luminous skin (especially during drier months when you need extra oomph) by mixing a highlighter or luminizer in with your foundation, or applying it directly to your face after foundation (on areas that can use shimmer like your brow bones or cupid's bow.)
  • Define your eyes.  For an ultra glam look, play up your eye line by finishing and filling in your brows.  On eyes, apply a neutral beige shadow from brow to lash line, contou the socket area with darker nude, and then apply heavy eyeliner.  Apply it with an angled liner brush and follow with several coats of mascara.  Keep lips a pretty, neutral pink.
  • Create a volume rich bouffant.  Marie Antoinette was all about the hair, so grab your teasing comb!  Start by spraying dry shampoo on the underside of your hair, then flip it up and use a "backcomb in a bottle" like Sexy Hair's What a Tease, to the layers around the crown of your head.  Then backcomb hair to get more height, sweep everything to the side with a chic black ribbon.
Who's your historical beauty inspiration?

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Must Have Products for Perfect Lips

Shameless Selfie

I'm hot and cold with my lips, I'm either wearing nothing but a swipe of gloss, or full on bold bright color.  When I do wear color though, I know just how to apply it so it stays looking fabulous.  Here are the must have products for perfect lips:
  1. Lip Scrub
  2. Lip Primer
  3. Lip Liner 
  4. Lipstick and/or Lip Stain
  5. Powder and a Tissue
  6. Lip Gloss
Looks like a lot, eh?  But if you get your routine down, you can add and subtract depending on how fabulous you want your lips to look and how long you want them to last.  Here's how I use them:
  • Lip Scrub: Getting all the flakes off lips is a must for using bold colors.  I'm currently loving Tarte's Maracuja Lip Exfoliant, but you can DIY with a little coconut cream, or fine sugar and olive oil.
  • Lip Primer:  I never believed in primer until I actually used it, and it's a must have.  It gives your lip color something to stick to and creates a nice smooth base for application.  Pick up NYX's Lip Primer Pencil, it's inexpensive, available in two colors, and not tested on animals.
  • Lip Liner: We all conjure up horrific images of too dark liner on lips, but if you pick a clear liner (confession, never used clear, no idea how they work) or one that matches your lip skin tone then there's no need to find one that matches your lipstick exactly.  Now here's the trick, apply liner ALL over.  All. Over.  Line your lips and then fill them in, that way when color starts to wear off the top of your lips, you won't be left with a ring of liner.
  • Lipstick and/or Lip Stain:  Pick a bright, bold color.  Put on a little lipstick and live a little.  If you're doing both, start with the stain, then layer with the lipstick.
  • Powder and a Tissue:  This is the step I skip if I'm in a hurry, after applying your stain or stick, hold up a tissue to your lips and then use a fluffy powder brush (I'm partial to this buffing brush by EcoTools) to apply powder.  The tissue keeps particles from sticking to lips.  Reapply lipstick, repeat the powder, then swipe on color one more time.
  • Lip Gloss:  This last optional step will give you one additional layer of coverage and can take lips to high shine glamour.

Et Voila!  Luscious long lasting lips.

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Beauty Blog: Depotting

After reading a few magazine articles on the art of depotting (taking your shadow tins out of compacts and placing them in one, organized one), and seeing gorgeous organized bathrooms and makeup drawers on Pinterest...I thought, why not give it a try.  I even wrote a blog about it for EcoTools.  You can read that blog post here.  

I was tired of seeing makeup my drawer look like this and having to rummage through it to find what I was looking for.  Those tiny concealer sticks and tubes of blush were very easy to lose.  Plus, confession time, there were a lot of way past expired products in there.

I ordered a pretty pink palette from UNII, which came with everything I needed to get started.  I picked this brand over some others because I loved the colors and that little moveable grippy thumb holder that came with it.  

I got started after sorting my colors and getting rid of all the expired ones I never use.  They popped out easily using a putty spreader than came in my Ben Nye starter kit and for a couple tricky ones, I used an old paring knife.  I ended up not needing to heat them (but you can using a straighter, hair dryer, or oven).  The hardest part was getting the goo off the back of the non-magnetic ones, it took lots of elbow grease and some Goo Gone, but the end result was totally worth it:

I now have a pretty palette of all my eye shadow colors, gel liner and brow gel, highlighter, and blush from my Real Techniques palette.  They don't hold a lot, so if you have tons of shadows or want to use blushes and powders, you may need two, but the best part of all...check out that clean makeup drawer now!

 I definitely recommend depotting!  Don't be scared, anyone can do it.  There's lots of blogs, magazines, and video tutorials to help you your first time.

Ella's 1st Pup Cup

Did you know, if you visit a Starbucks and ask for a Pup Cup, they'll fill an espresso cup with whip cream just for your doggie.  Too cute.  

Ella was definitely a fan when we visited Starbucks during our 4th of July weekend in Pure Michigan.

My Sephora + Pantone Color IQ Experience

As a thank you for helping my Mom with some social media analysis and strategy (check out some of my suggestions here), she gifted me Sephora dollars!  So I hopped over to the State Street Sephora to finally find a foundation that worked for me.  Instead of continuing to buy bottles at drug stores and hope they worked, I got my Color IQ done and it was a great experience.

After you bravely have to remove your makeup in store, they snap crazy close up pictures of your skin and merge them together to find your skin tone number as it matches up to Pantone, which is then matched up to all the foundations Sephora carries (in store and online).  I was matched up with 30 different types and the lovely Sephora associate Lauren helped me find a cruelty-free full coverage foundation.  

I ended up with Smashbox'a Studio Skin and Hydrating Primer and I love it. The color matches perfectly, feels light and non-greasy on my skin, and I can feel good knowing neither was tested on animals.  Yes, it's a bit more expensive than the Maybelline I was using, but no bunnies had to suffer, and I feel confident knowing I met my foundation match!  If you haven't had your Pantone IQ done, get thee to Sephora straight away.


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