Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Doggie Beach Bum

Someone loves Montrose Dog Beach so much, they just don't want to leave.  After catching her, she plopped down in a tired protest and had to be carried out.

Concert in the Park

Made it out, just as summer is winding down, to a concert in Millennium Park.  Chase, my friend Beth, and I attended the Lyric Opera's free concert Saturday night...we even got to indulge in some super inexpensive wine thanks to a BzzAgent campaign from Fish Eye Wines!  (After I send in the $15 rebate, it will have cost me $2!  A definite park repeat.) We rocked out a giant box of Shiraz with our picnic blankets and It was actually pretty good.

My 2015 goal?  Attend more than one of these concerts next summer, they're simply amazing.  The skyscrapers, night air, and sips of wine with classical music make for a perfect evening.

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Beauty Blog: Makeup Shopping in Spain!

One of the things I was most excited to do in Europe was shop for beauty products.  Dissapointingly, the economy is really global, so I saw lots of Chanel, Dior, Revlon, Rimmel, etc. and not a lot of the cool Europe brands I had looked up online before like Catrice, Scheleckers, and Parfumeria Gal.  But I was able to find Flormar.  On a tiny tourist store in Barcelona, I spotted a whole shop full of testers galore and beautiful products.

I tried to show restraint and only spent around $44 euros, including some gifts, but I easily could've spend triple!  Here's what I picked for myself:

 Glamour UK Magazine: Confession, I liked it even better than the US version.  The size is cute and oh so portable and I found myself cornering over half of the pages to look at later or use for social media posts.  I looked up getting a subscription shipped: $76.  Ouch.  So if anyone ever finds them in airports, buy one for me please!

Fusion Baked Eye Shadow in Magnetic Black: Their recommended application was to prime first then use a damp applicator.  It went on amazingly with a damp angled liner brush in the store.

Supershine Lip Gloss in Cheeky Fuchsia: "High shine gloss with stay put shine."  I love it, the bright bright pink color goes on as shocking as it is in the tube, it'll pair nicely with the liner I picked or look amazing layered onto of lipstick.

Paper False Lashes: Haven't tried them yet, but they look oh so delicate and gorgeous, will be fabulous for Halloween or if I ever get to go to the Mad Hatter's Ball.

Excited after my purchase.  All my traveling companions were happy I finally found a shop too as we'd trekked through SO many shops looking for some of those brands.

Bow Tie DIY: Not as easy as it looks

Earth Rated sent Ella a cute bandana and has been making tutorials on how to create it into cute a bow tie.  I followed the cute instructions, but it's not as easy as it looks :)

The good news, Earth Rated still thinks Ella is cute:


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